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Anya & Anita trample the slave's cock and body in high heels and barefoot. They stand on his head and grind their knees into his cock. The ladies take turns sitting on the slave's face, while making out with each other. The Goddesses beat the slave with their sandals, make him worship their feet, stomp his face and foot slap him.

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Another working day for Tanya's office slave. His tasks: being a footstool, licking and massging Tanya's feet. Today he is not able to finish all of the work on time and Tanya is there to punish him. The slave kisses her feet and begs for forgiveness, gets whipped and trampled, faceslapped and spat on. Tanya constantly scolds and verbally humiliates the slave.

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Anya & Anita enjoy each other's compnay, while their slave serves as their ashtray and worships their feet. The ladies torment the slave by constantly whipping him, trampling him, stepping on his face, head and body. Sometimes, while punishing the slave, the ladies take a moment to make out with each other.

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Goddess Olya has the slave worshipping her boots, while she kicks him in the face and torments him with her high heels. Olya smokes using the slave as an ashtray. Then she handcuffs him and starts whipping him all over. Another slave joins in to worship Olya. Both slaves are whipped and have their cocks stomped by goddess Olya.


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